Wake up, show up and be happy

New year, new goals and new resolutions.

#motivational quotes


Last year I worked very hard to finish a new goal. I finished my online classes to become a real estate agent. I took my State exam in December and passed on the first try. I was lucky to have a support group. They helped with my baby so I could study and finish the classes right away. It took me 6 months. On January 4, 2018, I signed up with Coldwell Banker as a Realtor. I started training, and so far I am in love with Real Estate. I have learned so much, but the one thing that I keep hearing from all the successful agents is to “wake up, show up and be happy”

I always hear from people I know that is better to stay in your current job because of stability. I think is because they are afraid of new responsibilities. My advice to them is to relax, new opportunities are there for us to find what we truly love.!

#motivational quotes#motivational quotes#motivational quotes#motivational quotes

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