Have you tried personalized workouts and meal plans?

I am starting to plan a healthy routine. Do you have any advice?

I came across, Jillian Michaels personalized workouts and meal plans. Have you tried them?

If you have not try them, I say, we all take the 7 day free trial and judge her product for ourselves!

Jillian Michaels 160x600


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Check out her website:



Interactive Workouts & Complete Programs 

How can I go wrong with a specialized workout plan? I understand Youtube has videos but they are general workouts. I want a workout that will target my problem areas. 

Meal Plans

I tend to eat bad because I crave too much junk foods. I will give her meal plans a try and see how they help me with my goals.

Tracking Tools

I would love to track my progress!


Listen to a professional, it will help me stay focus with my goals

Jillian’s Blog

It is always good to read other people’s ideas and advice. I will enjoy learning from her blog.

Below I leave you with some motivation:


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