Treasure Hunt at Thrift Stores

I love pretty Vintage China. After seeing all the vintage items at Estate Sales, I decided to make a visit to the local Thrift Stores. The prices are affordable and great quality as well.


Vintage China comes in different pretty colors. Below are the ones I spotted so far.

I am selling all of it, in case you would like to purchase them.


(The information that follows came from the company’s website

Since 1904, Noritake has been bringing beauty and quality to dining tables around the world. Superior artistry and craftsmanship, attention to detail and uncompromising commitment to quality have made Noritake an international trademark during this past century.

The Noritake of today grew out of a trading company that was originally established by the Morimura Brothers in New York in 1876. This trading company imported chinaware, curios, paper lanterns and other gift items. In 1904, the forerunner of the Noritake Company was established in the village of Noritake, a small suburb near Nagoya, Japan. The goal of this first factory was to create western style dinnerware for export. It took until 1914, however, to create the first porcelain dinnerware plate that was suitable for export.

The earliest dinnerware plates were mostly hand-painted, often with liberal applications of gold. By the early 1920’s, Noritake introduced assembly line techniques which allowed for mass production of high quality, yet affordable dinnerware. In the ensuing decades, Noritake continued to perfect its production capabilities and expand to markets worldwide.

Today, Noritake is an acknowledged leader in tableware manufacturing and marketing with subsidiaries, factories, and affiliates around the world. Our products are sold to customers in over 100 countries and are used in hotels, restaurants, and airlines throughout the world. Join us in continuing the Noritake tradition…distinctive designs, innovative technology, and superior product quality.

Noritake China #5147  Roselane with Gold Trimmed has been discontinued. 

Noritake China #5147  Roselane with Gold Trimmed. Bread and Butter Plate

Noritake China #5147  Roselane with Gold Trimmed. Dessert / Fruit bowl plate and bread and butter plate

Noritake China #5147  Roselane with Gold Trimmed. Dinner plates

I have not yet posted it this on Ebay. Keep an eye for it.


The information that follows was taken from

Oneida Ltd.: A proud tradition since 1880
Oneida Ltd. is one of the world’s largest marketers of stainless steel flatware, and offers a complete range of tabletop products. Its operations in the United States, Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom and Australia market stainless, silverplated, and sterling flatware products, china dinnerware, and crystal and glassware items. The company originated in a utopian community established in the mid-nineteenth century, and has had a strong reputation for quality since that time.

The Oneida Community was founded by John Humphrey Noyes in upstate New York in 1848. The Community was founded on Noyes’s theology of Perfectionism, a form of Christianity with two basic values: self-perfection and communalism. These ideals were translated into everyday life through shared property and work as well as “complex marriage” – monogamous marriage was abolished, and children were raised communally from their second year until age 12.

This child care system freed the women as well as the men to take part in the Community’s manufacturing of animal traps, chains, silk items, and silver knives, forks, and spoons. The Oneida Community soon became known not only for the unconventional lifestyle of its members, but also for the quality of its goods. The Newhouse trap invented by a founding member of the community was known around the world.

– See more at:

This is what I found at the thrift store and is now selling on Ebay

Oneida Blue Lattice mug and plates

Oneida Blue Lattice salt and pepper shakers

Oneida Blue Lattice butter dish

Oneida Blue Lattice Dinner Plates

I will continued to hunt down beautiful China and will share it all with you. Below I leave you with some frugal living quotes.






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