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So recently I decided to upload a mobile App to my phone- and now I am hook! Buying Vintage stuff is fun.

Frugal Living

Some people might think that I am becoming a hoarder but I am not. I am purchasing Vintage China and crafty stuff and putting up for sale. Now, if it doesn’t sale, I will keep it. I have attended 5 Estate Sales and it is such an experience to see how other people live. I am not sure if the owners of those homes died but just the idea of putting their stuff to use is self-rewarding.

Below is a list of the stuff I found, and some have a link to my Ebay account in case you would like to purchase any.

House #1– It was a ranch style home in Perris, CA. The house was similar to the style in my home. I researched the mobile app prior to attending to plan my purchases. At this Estate Sale, I bought a set of Pyrex bowls and a Pyrex container with a lid. This is the reason I started going to Estate Sales because of Pyrex products, and now I am into Vintage China. The Pyrex I will not be selling unless you would like to make me an offer. I purchased the set of 4 bowls for $40.00 and the one with the lid for $10. I also bought a cabbage patch doll for my daughter for $20.00 with a bassinet, handcrafted pillow, and a blanket.

House #2- It was a modern style home in Palm Springs, CA. I decided to purchase a vintage parlor light. All of the bedrooms in my house have parlor lights except for one room. The lamp was perfect in color and size. This I am not selling.  I purchased the light for $12.00, I thought it was a great deal.  

House #3- This was a senior community in Beaumont, CA. I wanted to purchase more Pyrex items but made it to the Estate Sale late, so someone had already purchased what I wanted. But did not leave the house empty handed. I purchase 3 Vintage Russ Berrie figurines for $5.00. I also purchased a set of stainless steel serving spoons for $2.00.  I will be posting the Grandpa figurine on Ebay soon in case you would like to buy it.

House #4- This was a Japanese House in Gardena, CA. I had the most fun at this house, woke up super early because I wanted a set of Pyrex containers and a vintage Alice in Wonderland Plate. My husband and I were 3rd in line and got what we wanted. I will be posting everything on Ebay except for the Vintage Alice in Wonderland Plate.

House #5- This house was out of my league but I wanted to explore big… This house was in Beverly Hills, CA. I bought two glass elephants and an elephant beanie baby, all for $15. The items at the house included Cartier and Tiffiny Co. Everything was so expensive, not worth it for me.  I have to adventure out of my comfort zone, never know what treasures are out there.

Going to the Estate Sales is super fun, I make a budget and stick to it. I take my daughter along and my husband when he is available. Next, I will be sharing my thrift store findings.

Below are some quotes for frugal living

Frugal LivingFrugal Living


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