Since I have been writing about saving money, I thought it will be good to inform you about a possible catastrophe on our savings. Governor Brown proposed a tax increase that will affect all Californians. Our Senators and Assembly man will be voting for this increase on April 6, 2017. We have no say over the matter, we did in fact vote for those politicians, therefore our finances will be affected by a YES vote, there are other options available. Please contact your Senator and Assembly man  to vote NO and to find other options.

Click here to read the Governor’s proposal

Click here to find out who are your senator and assembly men

The State does not have to increase our taxes, there are funds in the general fund for transportation issues. They have billions of dollars put aside for transportation. If you have more questions, call or email Vince Fong, District 34th  I think he has a sensible option without raising taxes and we get more money.


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