INTERVIEWS-BEFORE AND AFTER-Career advice I wish I had at 25

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Interviews-Before and after

If you are job hunting, you should be preparing for the interviews. Read my Job Hunting post for some tips on how to stay organized. I have to say that my past experience gives me a lot to say in the matter. I have interviewed for lots of jobs and 2 of those jobs, I helped young adults prepare for their future careers. I worked as a Career Transition Advisor for Job Corps and Career Advisor for Westwood College. I am proud to say that my advice was not overlooked by my students. Below are my tips to preparing for your future job interviews.


  1. Clothing- Most important, before you go on a shopping spree for new interview clothes, check your closet or ask a close friend or family to lend you a suit or professional clothing. You have to ask yourself, what kind of jobs are you applying for? Your answer will depend on type of clothing to wear for the interview.
    • Office jobs- must wear a professional suit, not matter the position. It must be a jacket and pants for men and women. I do not advice skirts or dresses for women because interviews are nerve wracking and you do not want to be worry about the length of your skirt when you are sitting down. Your should only be worry about presenting your qualifications. Unless you only wear skirts and dresses and feel super comfortable in them. It is your choice.
    • Sale jobs- Depends on the company, you may wear a casual suit. Nothing too serious.
    • Customer service jobs- casual attire is acceptable.
    • Cashier Jobs-Casual attire is acceptable.
    • Warehouse jobs- Ready to work attire, meaning, jeans, comfortable non slip shoes and a clean t-shirt with no wording.
    • Cook jobs-Ready to work attire, meaning, jeans, comfortable non slip shoes and a clean dress shirt.
    • Construction jobs- Ready to work attire, meaning, jeans, steel toe shoes and a clean t-shirt with no wording. If it is an electrical job, the shoes must not have steel toe.
  2. Colors- Stick to the neutral colors unless your are a designer or a model of some sort. The exception of colors is given to the designers and models because their jobs are to be creative and fun. All other jobs are more serious and you must show the employer you care about your interview. My advice, do your homework,  drive by the company and analyze the employees clothing styles. It will give you an idea on what to shop for.
  3. Portfolio- Purchase or borrow a nice portfolio/folder to have copies of your resume, certificates, diplomas, references, etc. Also, blank paper to write notes and questions for the employer.
  4. Hair and/or makeup- For females, do not use too much make up, you may youtube some interview tutorials for makeup and hair. For males, please get a hair cut a day before the interview and shave the day of the interview.
  5. Perfumes, lotions and/ or colognes, deodorants- Use soft products, some people might be allergic to strong scents. Choose wisely.
  6. Have your elevator speech memorize because it will become handy when the employer ask you to talk about yourself.
  7. Professional References- At least 3 references from former coworkers, bosses, or teachers. Do not include friends unless you know they will be super professional if the employer contacts them. The reference page must match the format of the resume. The header should be the same, the only difference is the content. The resume has one page of your professional history and the reference page has only your references. The reference page, should have their names, profession, phone number and email.
  8. Have a positive attitude and do not get discourage if you do not get the job. There are many opportunities out there, it is just a matter of time.



Congratulations you got the interview, now it is a matter of waiting for an answer. The waiting period is nerve wracking. Some employers hire on the spot but others preferred to interview many candidates before they make a decision. If you have not received a phone call or email within 48 hours, you may email the employer. A short paragraph is more than enough. It should contain, your interest for the position and the company. You should get an answer back. If the employer does not reply to your email, call them 24 hours after the email.

Good luck, if it is meant to be it will be!


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